Didn’t gym yesterday. Did eat enough sweets to make myself sick. Today I’m making up one last batch of candy and putting it all in the mail tonight, or throwing it away, swear to God. I’m only just now starting to get hungry, after feeling queasy all night and this morning. Yucko.

Sunrise outside is all pink and purple and pretty. I don’t think a picture’d come out nicely enough to bother taking one, though. :)

Planning on gymming tonight. Haven’t, dammit, done *any* rewriting yet, and I’m feeling useless on that front. Grr.

Oh, but a seriously cool writing thing: Friday evening Stella, Sarah and I had a little critique group meeting. (We’re calling our critique group Genre Pirates, ARRR!, henceforth referred to as GPA.) We’re critiquing Stella’s Not A Novel, Sarah’s Iya book, and my Queen’s Bastard book, and they’re all totally different pieces and the Friday meeting was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for Thursday morning’s meeting. We probably won’t be able to meet again until after the new year (which is just as well for me, because I don’t have ch. 2 written on TQB yet!), so we get two meetings in less than a week this time around. It’s very cool! Yay!


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