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I heartlessly and cruelly abandoned the computer for several hours last night in favor of spending time with Ted and going out to dinner at Aladdin’s. Both were extremely nice things to do. :) I didn’t even go to my SinC meeting, which I’d *meant* to do, but oh well!

Got email from Jenn yesterday with comments about Heart of Stone, and I’m starting to wrap my brain around some ways to revise it. Very useful commentary. I wrote a couple hundred words this morning from Alban’s POV, and think that if I take that approach I might be able to work the paranormal aspect into the earlier part of the book more solidly, and also develop him better. I didn’t write the bit I wrote in first person, but I have a feeling I might end up trying that. So yeah, *very* useful commentary, yay! I wrote a couple of pages of notes on developing other stuff for the book, too — does that kind of note-taking count towards my YTD wordcount? It’s not strictly fiction…

Then, having gotten all that done, I also wrote another 600 words on TQB, and, as I suspected, ch. 6 wasn’t really finished. I was just tired of writing it. :) So it was a very productive morning! 1450 words, even if they weren’t all fiction, and really, somebody should tell me if I get to count the world-building notes in my word count. :)

I have also baked a loaf of bread! Well, it’s baking now, at least. And it’s not even nine thirty yet!

ytd wordcount: 95,850 (or maybe 96,600)


  1. yer mah

    I’m afraid I don’t think note-taking counts. If it
    counted as words written, then nearly any words would
    count, wouldn’t they? Nope. I think they have to
    be actual fiction. Yep.

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