Went to the gym. Walked 3 miles, did some leg weights, did a bunch of floor work, and did some barre work. Am feeling all chipper now. Instead of feeling all winding-down, which I /should/ be, since it’s late. :)

Let’s see. I got all my candies and cookies and whatnots made, and soon I’ll have them packaged up to send. Most of them, actually, are packaged now. I need to make an address label for Sarah’s Christmas present, and I need to wrap Ted’s family’s presents so we can just send them instead of trying to deal with airport security. And I need to wrap Breic’s birthday present and maybe I’ll just send Deirdre and Gavin’s Christmas presents along with so that, once more with not dealing, we don’t have to drag it through airport security when we go to Seattle. And then we have to *get* Breic something for Christmas (like, uh, what, Deirdre?) and um, let’s see. And at some point I should, y’know. Sleep. :)

miles to Rivendell: 358 (100 more to go!)

2 thoughts on “zoom

  1. Can’t you cram the presents into a suitcase and send them
    to Seattle and/or Fairbanks? And then pick them
    up at the other end? That’s what -we’re- doing.
    Except we’re not going to Fairbanks, so we’re not
    sending presents there. It’d be silly.

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