zum zum

2600 yard swim this morning. That was nice. Except my shoulder hurts now. I need to go back to the chiro and get him to fix this damned knot.

Went to Daredevil again. Ted saw Peter in the X2 trailer and Hulk didn’t look quite as bad the second time around (I’ll go see it anyway, because I enjoy watching Jennifer Connelly be luminous) and Shaun liked Daredevil pretty well and I thought it stood up to a second viewing in 3 days, so that’s cool.

Then we went out to a Valentine’s-Day-Observed dinner at Sorrento’s, and it was very good and we had a very nice time, and then we went to rent Replacement Killers, ’cause I had the sudden urge to watch it, but it was checked out at Blockbuster so we er bought a copy instead. O.O

So then we watched Replacement Killers, and then I watched a couple of pretty good Highlander episodes, and thence to bed.

Today I will edit the first 3 chapters of HoS, and send it to Anna G at Tor. :)

2 thoughts on “zum zum

  1. Phew! I thought you’d sent it already. Good thing you haven’t: this, from a newslist I subscribe to.

    From Anna Genoese:
    > I had some hard drive problems yesterday afternoon, and what that ultimately
    > means is that all of the submissions for the paranormal romance line are gone.
    > Just disappeared into the computer ether like all the important stuff always
    > does. If you know anyone who submitted to me, or have access to any of those
    > email loops, can you please ask that the submissions be resent to me? Feel
    > free to quote from this paragraph and include my email address:
    > anna.genoese@t… Thanks.

  2. So Sarah told me just a few minutes previous to this posting! Nope, I need not resubmit, but hey, maybe I can get something in early enough to move it up the line of stuff to be looked at, if everything else is lost. :)

    Editing now!

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