*God*, I’m good. This morning I have showered, dressed, drunk 2 of the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, eaten breakfast, put a table lamp together, and I’m *still* at work 45 minutes earlier than I got to work all last week!

There was an utter, complete, and total failure to go to Liz’s party tonight. Instead, we discovered that I’d gotten a Christmas bonus, and in a fit of excitement, we went Christmas shopping. :) We have now procured a present for my Mom, for my sister, for my Dad, and for Ted’s Dad, although that […]

Ok, now I’m vastly amused. Sarah said that at a workshop she went to, someone said that a person’s favorite fairy tale as a child tended to greatly influence their writing later in life. And I write Beauty and the Beast stories all the time. *laugh* Sarah didn’t know BatB was my favorite fairy tale, […]

This morning, at a quarter to ten, the doorbell rang, and delivered Christmas presents! Woot! There were foodthings and flannel jammies and an electric griddle and a HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE TO WALDENBOOKS from Ted’s parents, and glitter-filled cards from Angie and *ooooh* a Lawrence Yep version of Beauty and the Beast called The Dragon […]