Austen Chronicles

A common symptom of a writer at work: vacillating between being confident I can bring this book in at 100K and being sure I can’t. On one hand, I’m feeling like if I’m not careful, MAGIC & MANNERS is going to end up *longer* than PRIDE & PREJUDICE. It certainly is if I keep following […]

Not that I need anything else to do in my Copious Free Time, but last night I wasn’t even thinking about my Downton Abbey/X-Men mashup (did I mention that? the other day I had an X-Men/Downton Abbey dream and thought, damn, that could work. WWI-era superheroes, that is, more than actually fitting Downton Abbey to […]

Today I did not go Into the Woods, despite the great temptation to do so. I have to say, without having seen it, I cannot help but feel that it was a terrible mistake to split the role of the Wolf and Prince Charming between two actors, since part of the point is the metaness […]

I forgot to post the 12th chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS at the Patreon page on Wednesday! Or at least, I forgot on Wednesday my time, BUT IT IS STILL WEDNESDAY IN ALASKA AND HAWAII SO I HAVE MADE IT WHEW For those still considering the Patreon campaign (or, I admit, not considering it; that’s […]

make bread fill out paperwork do something at the big computer what was that desc the Regency crap what else FOLD LAUNDRY ANSWER @loncon3 EMAIL! find contract debate contract terms perhaps sign contract wut else write ch 10 of magic & manners gosh that should take me through tomorrow