Daily Life

Last Friday I called a handyman recommended by the letting agency. He said he would be over on Monday at 11. At 1pm on Monday I called him and said ?. He said he clean forgot and he’d be by on Tuesday at lunch time. At 2:30pm on Tuesday I called and he said he’d […]

Husband: Your paycheck cleared. Please don’t run off to Tahiti. Me: It’s a magical place. * The other day a new friend came over and saw a portrait I’d done that’s framed and on the wall. She stared at it and said, “Who–who is that?” “Peter Wingfield,” I said, expecting to have to then explain […]

#bemused I’m throwing a solstice party, the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun. Some friends suggested I open a Skype channel or Google hangout on my smart TV so people in the US and Britain could call in. It immediately got out of hand, and somebody said I should try doing an all-continents party, excepting, we […]

Months ago we changed rubbish removal services and I asked the old company to take away their bins, which they were supposed to do within 10-15 working days. After two months of me reminding them, I sent a bill. Then I started sending a daily reminder. Monday: I’m disappointed to report the bins are still […]

My mother has just gotten a “Your Windows program isn’t working,” phone call. She likes to keep them on the line, apparently, so her half of the conversation is going like this: “Hello?” “Who is this?” “Oh *really*?” “My computer is already on!” “Oh no! What are you going to do about it?” “Are you […]