All I really objected to was the leap from me not particularly minding to the fact that Quidditch scoring makes no sense to “. . . the best way to put it is that if Kit were to write SF, she would not write hard SF.” What the one has to do with the other seems to me to be up there with what my last name has to do with my husband’s for insurance purposes.

I will grant you that I’m not wildly *inclined* to write hard SF, but then, neither is anybody else in this . . . discussion.

Read Image’s post for a non-vitriolic explanation of what I’m talking about. Or don’t. Don’t is probably better for your sanity.

Gawd, I think I’ve already spent about 10 hours this week in meetings, and it’s only Tuesday afternoon.

Actually, it’s more like five, but still. Sheesh.

Trip and my cousin Kerry reminded me yesterday to call the Irish Consulate in San Francisco, which I didn’t do yesterday, but I did today, and I left a message for Lisa Whyte (however her last name is spelled) asking what the status of the citizenship paperwork was, since it’s been 3 months since I last talked to her and she’d said it would be “a few weeks’ then.

And the answer was, nothing’s changed, but she called me back within five minutes, which surprised me enormously. That’s the first time I’ve heard back from the consulate in less than 24 hours. :) I ought to email them, actually, and ask if there’s something specific I ought to be doing now to obtain our passports, or if we have to wait on the paperwork that’s being done before we do that. Or if, in fact, the paperwork that’s being done is the passport paperwork, which Mom thinks it is.

Ok, now all I have to do is call Childreach and tell them my credit card number is okay to keep using. Stupid me screwed up the .. well, it wasn’t entirely my fault. Anyway, the bank account was empty last time they tried charging my bank card. Feh. Anyway, so I have to call them. And they’re on the East Coast, so I need to do it pretty soon. Only I’m in a meeting now. Bblblblblb.

If being thirsty is a sign that your body is beginning to be dehydrated, does that mean being hungry is a sign that your body is beginning to starve?

Hm. That doesn’t seem like a good thought process to follow if I want to lose weight. Nevermind! Carry on! Nothing to see here! Move along!

Speaking of which, man, am I thirsty.