Despite whinging briefly, I went swimming tonight, and had a very, very excellent swim. My jaw is still achy, but it wasn’t an issue in swimming as I thought it might be.

swam: 3800 yards

music: Billy Joel, Greatest Hits V.3

I did something painful to my jaw yesterday evening. I think it’s less painful now, at least slightly, but yawning hurts, and I keep yawning.

Actually, for somebody who was up til 1am I’m not all that yawny. She said, and yawned. *yawn* OW. Goddamn it. What kind of doctor does one go to for a jaw problem? It’s in the hinge that it hurts. This is going to make swimming a bother.

My friend Melissa called me last night! We’re going to have a late lunch next Sunday. The 27th, not the 20th. The 20th is Ted’s birthday, and we have plans. Yay!

I have huge whacking amounts of work to do, so I’m going to go get some food and get to work.

Popcorn and orange juice. Better. Yum.

Of course, now I have popcorn kernel skins stuck in my teeth.

Tired. Hungry. Too much work to do. *mutter* Boy, does taking a nap sound appealing. Not a good idea, but an appealing one. Splah. Maybe I’ll go try to find a little something to eat. And I should drink some water. A lot of water, actually; I haven’t been drinking enough today.