Well, Alaska Dance Theatre was very very disappointing. There was no one at the counter, and only a not-particularly-well-put-together schedule under plexiglass on the counter and no copies for people to take, and there are very few classes for adults at all and none of them are tap classes.

The fuckers.

So I’ll look in the Yellow Pages and call some places on Monday. There are a number of ballroom places (I’m actually looking in the Yellow Pages right now) and at least two or three studio sorts of places and at least one Irish dance school. One of them ought to turn something worthwhile up.

We went to Iron Monkey, which, to my relief, had subtitles, not dubs, hooray! And it was quite enjoyable. Except the $2 theatre has become the $3 theatre! I’m dismayed! Well, ok, it’s still at least $2 cheaper than going to even a matinee at one of the regular theatres (plus, locally owned!) but still. Hmph. :) Er, anyway, I liked the movie quite a bit.

Then we came home and I watched A Fish Called Wanda, and parts of The Fifth Element. I did no exercise today. Actually, I would have decided to go to the gym and swim this afternoon, except we drove around and looked at houses we couldn’t possibly afford to buy, which — ok, would have more appeal if we could in fact afford to buy them, but you get your jollies where you can.

I did, however, stop and buy some 10lb weights so I can do a liddle bit of weightlifting at home. And I bought some Bro-Darts (finally) so I could start putting them on our hardback books so the covers don’t get (more) thrashed. I even covered eight or so books, and then I smashed my head on one of the kitchen cabinet corners and lost my temper and didn’t do any more. But hey, small accomplishments, right?

Dad’s going to Ireland with Mom! Yaaay! I’m very glad of that; Mom really, really wanted Dad to go with her.

I have done some (quite a lot, actually, but there’s so much to do it’s hard to see how much I’ve done) re-arranging and fixing of lower pages so that they, for example, are all (for some ever-increasing value of ‘all’) PHP-template based (the nav bar, I have just discovered, is inexplicably buggered in Netscape 4; I’ve used tables, for crying out loud, so I don’t know what its major malfunction is, but I wish it’d get over it); I’ve done quite a bit of arranging on the photos pages (again with the there’s so much to do; practically all of the broken thumbnails ought to click through to an actual photograph, though, for what that’s worth) and, um, I did laundry today. Pretty busy day, for a Saturday!

And I’ve just remembered the, uh, fifth element, sorry, excuse me, not my fault, that I wanted to put on my navbar, so I’m going to go look for a graphic now and perhaps I’ll find one and add it before I go to bed.

Oh yeah, and I had applesauce for a dessert tonight instead of the lone Ghiradelli chocolate bar that’s left. Aren’t you proud of me? :)

Ok, I have sent Ted off to martial arts and I’m not going to go to the gym today. I’m just *all* worn out. I haven’t been sleeping very well this week, which is a right bother and contrary to all the evidence that says, “Exercising will make you sleep better!” I’m certainly very *tired*, but I think all them little endorphins are fucking up my sleep schedule. So today, there will be no gym. :)

I’m going to go by Alaska Dance Theatre this afternoon, though, and see if there’s a jazz or tap class at a reasonably convienent time that isn’t taught by a doofus who can’t count music (the last classes I tried taking there were taught by a doofus who couldn’t count music, so she’d say things like, “It doesn’t really *matter* what beat you do this on … ” and that’s WRONG. It DOES matter. It matters if you want people to be doing things together, and it matters if you want people to be doing things asynchronously and — it *matters*, God damn it! — but she doesn’t teach there anymore) and if there is I will take one or two dance classes. I think I would like to take a tap class more than a jazz class, at least this spring. I feel too fat and clumsy to take jazz right now.

I have been drinking *great* *large* *huge* amounts of water. Consequently during the 2.5 hours of Armageddon last night I had to pee three times, which is really pretty annoying. What’s also annoying is that having been drinking great huge large amounts of water for the past few days, my body is feeling really dried out and tacky and nasty if I don’t drink equal amounts to the previous day’s amount.

So ‘scuze me while I go refill my water glass. :)

So I watched Armageddon last night, which is the first time since Sept. 11th that I’ve watched a disaster movie.

To my surprise, it was actually somewhat less fun to watch meteors coming down and thrashing NYC than it had been previously. And I remember thinking, when I watched it in the theatre the first time, “*Wow*, that looks real!”, particularly when the top of the Empire State Building crashes to the earth and there are billowing clouds of dust and people running and screaming.

And I thought, like so many other people did, “Wow, that looks like a disaster movie,” when the WTC came down.

Except last night, watching Armageddon, I thought, “That doesn’t look real at all,” because I’d seen what it really looks like when a skyscraper collapses to the ground. And seeing the WTC with the top corner knocked off and smoking in the movie was sort of . . .

I hadn’t thought it would affect me.

Against the odds, I swam this evening (I’d been going waaah! some more, and I’d thought perhaps if Ted didn’t go to his martial arts class I wouldn’t go swimming, but suddenly I decided to) and had a fairly decent swim. I was sharing a lane most of the time, which always takes it down a notch — well, not always, but it did in this case — but I still did a timed 500 and came in at 8:45, which is pretty good, given the shape I’m in. Then I did 3 100s on 2 minutes, at 1:30, 1:40 and 1:43 respectively; had I done two more, I probably would have been riding 2 minutes exactly pretty hard on the last one, but since the final 500 was supposed to be my warmdown, I did a hard 50 backstroke (45 seconds; shoulda done better than that, but oh well) and then did a really lazy 150 to actually warm down. Overall, a pretty good swim. I think I’ll go to the gym and weight lift tomorrow. 2 days in a row of swimming is seeming like enough, at least at the moment.

swam: 3000 yards

Ok, this is sort of fun. When I get hungry, I’m supposed to tell Sarah to eat something, because she’s out of the habit of eating (has been as long as I’ve known her) and she needs to eat to get her metabolism going so she can lose weight, and *my* hunger reflex isn’t broken, so I’m hungry and I’ve sent her to get food to eat. *laugh*

And *I* got an apple instead of a brownie. I’m proud of myself!