I have GOT to start getting up earlier. This is stupid. *mutter* Um. And that’s all I have to say. I had a thought in my head earlier that I was going to extend into a page update, but apparently the thought disappeared somewhere between getting out of bed and getting to the computer. It’s all those stairs, I tell you.

Laptops & ribs & salad, oh my!

Ted’s work has been periodically getting rid of laptops as they’ve been upgrading, and he’s collected a couple of them, one for himself, and today, one for my mom, so she can bring it to the National Archives with her own self and do genealogical research on it. So we went over this evening to bring her the laptop, and she was very pleased! Yay! And she fed us bbq pork ribs and potato salad. *Yum*.

I am deeply annoyed with classmates.com, which wants my credit card number in exchange for any useful information. Like, Jim Smith’s email address. Die, capitalistic scum-sucking pig-fnckers!

There’s an article over at BBC about an archaeologists’s look at Silicon Valley. She wrote a book. Anyway, at the end of the article, she comments that five hundred years from now, with no other information, that an archaeologist might see piles of computer chips, and consider them to be offerings to the Venture Capital Gods.

Which reminded me of Mt. Rushmore. Ted and I went and saw it a few years ago, and my reaction to it IRL was the same as it had been when I’d seen photos: a thousand years from now, they’re going to say, “And here are the gods of our forefathers’ primitive society.”

I mentioned this to my father once, and we then had a big discussion about whether English would still be in use a thousand years from now, or whether people would be able to read our peculiar little word-signs. He said they would. I said that’s what the ancient Egpytians thought.

She muttered, and looked about grouchily.

The good news is the journal stuff is working. The bad news is the email stuff is seriously not working. It turns out that 1) I can’t set up the shell account to have email to/from kit@mizkit.com through it, which is irritating, but nothing like as irritating as the fact that kit@mizkit.com email seems to still be going to eskimo.com, and the email I’m sending to/from my (argh) pop account just seems to be going in circles. Which is bad, ’cause I need to get this resolved by, um. Saturday, ’cause the eskimo account goes away on Sunday. Bad bad bad.

Plus there is work to do. Lots of big fat work. And augh. Google has now got archives from Usenet dating back to 1981, and Dwan has reminded me of my old usenet name (Storyteller) and lo, she is right, and there are usenet postings with that name. Eeee. Run. Run in fear. Or at least hide and make real big eyes. O.O

YAAAAAAAAAY! We have achieved victory over the Greysoft/Greymatter template system! It isn’t quite perfect, but it’s pretty close, and it allows me to do comments and apparently will permit me to do full-month archives, so I believe my backissues setup is mostly safe … although I’m going to need to do something about the actual placement of files, because otherwise I’ll end up with hundreds of thousands of files living in my backissues directory, which I don’t actually want.

This is probably not how I was supposed to be spending my work day. Heh.

In other good news, Ted tested for and successfully gained his first belt in Shoshinryu, one of the martial arts he’s studying, on Saturday. Yay Ted!