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This is a post of things that are totally unrelated to each other. Just so you know. I haven’t been swimming. My shoulder’s doing better, by and large (though I think I spent too much time knitting last night, or possibly yesterday’s brief spate with free weights should have been done with the lighter weights, […]

Working on the sixth Chance script, which isn’t going very fast at all, in part because typing is still difficult and in part because I’ve been…just not working, really. My fingers are vastly improved, but not better by any stretch of the imagination. This morning Zilli got under Ted’s feet and went YOWL and it […]

This is all ‘s fault. The approximate shape of 2008: To write, like, already contracted: THE PRETENDER’S CROWN (Inheritors’ Cycle, Book 2, due Feb 1 (agh)) CAULDRON BORNE (Walker Papers #4, due June 1) To write, not already contracted: TAKE A CHANCE 5-12 To revise: RIGHT ANGLES TO FAERYLAND To write if the stars align: […]

I had no idea my complaint about milkshakes would prompt so much discourse. :) is in Japan at WorldCon. I told her to have fun for me, and she has. :) :) :) I wandered down to the Ceili Mor yesterday afternoon. It would’ve been more fun with someone else, but there were a lot […]

I’m back! Did you miss me? Meant to do some updating from Denver, but the hotel added a new exciting feature where you had to pay for the reportedly free internet access (my computer doesn’t have a wireless or ethernet card right now), so I ended up just answering a bit of email and not […]