I have a new hat. I am smug. I’ve had object lust for this hat since August, but I couldn’t quite justify buying it (I easily justified buying the fedora, as I’d been looking for a really great fedora for years, but I simply had not been looking for a really great dinky red hat for years). However, I got paid yesterday, and in a paycheck-inspired fit of frivilous spending, went forth and bought the hat.

Now I need a red jacket that particular shade of red to wear it with. :) And a little black dress. And possibly some other things, too. :)

Shopping, I have discovered, is a great deal more fun if you’re pretty confident you’re going to fit into any random size 8 jeans you pull off the rack. I still don’t have much patience for it, but it sucks a lot less than it did, oh, a year ago. :) I got another pair of jeans today (as I anticipate being in size 8s for a while, really), and several long-sleeved shirts, which is pretty much one of the signs of the apocalypse, because I Do Not Like long sleeved shirts. OTOH, I’m tired of being cold all the time! And I tried one of these ones on and they’re not too tight through the arm, so they won’t make the insides of my elbows itch, which is my primary objection to long sleeved shirts.

(Later, when I have my Awesome Leather Coat, I’m going to get some real femme fatale pictures taken with that fedora and my coat. :) But right now I have to go clean house, because we have guests coming to dinner. :))


  1. Oh, you went and bought it!! I *love* that hat!

  2. great hat :)
    you know, you kind of look like Kerry in that picture, sort of. huh.

  3. *beams at Jai* Yeah! I couldn’t resist it any longer. :)

    Do I, Deirdre? Huh. I’ve been noticing in the last few weeks that I can see some of Alanna and you in my bone structure, and I’m not used to that. Pretty strange!

  4. Quite a wonderful hat, and so’s the fedora. I wanna see the coat.

  5. oh yup, definitely alanna too. yup. and me too. :) must be kind of a, you know, a familial thing gong on? you think?

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