Okay, probably not a thousand, but I’m doing an awful lot of baking over the next couple days, in preparation for P-Con! It’s being held at the Irish Writers’ Centre this year, which is awesome in all ways except it does lack a bar/food court, so I’m making around a zillion treats and will put […]

Ted and I went into Dublin today to see Paul Cornell, who was in to Dublin for the day to do a signing at Sub City Comics. Getting off the train, we discovered we were walking alongside Brian S. from P-Con, to whom I said, “Brian. Brian! Briiiiaaaan!” He ignored me entirely until Ted nudged […]

…to live someplace where there are enough people I know around that I can throw Dessert Parties. I have all these great dessert cookbooks (Mrs Fields’ I LOVE CHOCOLATE Cookbook, a cheesecake cookbook, an ice cream recipe book…) and no reason to make any of the desserts in them. There are a hundred recipes in […]

My shoulder started to feel better-ish around Thursday, at which time Ted got a three-day migraine. His head started to feel better last night, at which time my left middle back turned into a spasming mess of pain. Enough already, sez I. :p I spent half an hour this morning doing creative stretching–the spasming part […]

The difference between a FQC–Fully Qualified Chef (ie, Ted)–and me: When I make brownies, I pull out the tried and true recipe my family’s been using for more than thirty years. It’s a terrific recipe. It makes wonderful, wonderful brownies. When *Ted* makes brownies, he pulls out a Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Brownie recipe with a […]