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For some ungodly reason* I woke up at 6:19 this morning, and after a desultory lying-about for half an hour or so, got up and went for a 4.5 mile walk around swimming. I came home to an email full of character sketches for a graphic novel idea I’m developing with artist Lanny Liu, some […]

If it were not for the word wars, I *know* I wouldn’t have gotten my chapter done today, and I got the impression several other people wouldn’t have written much, either. But about seven people showed up despite this general malaise, so I’m really delighted by that. The wars are working! :) The inestimable Judith […]

Well, this has been a good mail day. I got an Amazon order *and*, utterly unexpectedly, a copy of DRAGON IN CHAINS, by Daniel Fox/ for review & potential quotage when it goes back to print. Having read some of Daniel’s work before, I’m pretty confident of liking this, and looking forward to reading it. […]

This is a post of many random things. :) First! My friend and co-writer at Magical Words, Misty Massey/, is running a contest in conjunction with the release of her new novel! Go check it out! :) Second, Ted and I are most of the way through 4th season Stargate: Atlantis. And last night we […]

Ted was morally superior this morning and got up and went to the gym. I, on the other hand, slept until the cats came and lay on me, and then slept some more. I’ll go do my pilates in a minute, but I feel kind of guilty. Especially since it’s not actually raining this morning, […]