I just discovered Ron Perlman is on Twitter (he’s perlmutations, since the resounding response from my Twitter feed was WHAT WHERE?!) and this has somehow immediately blown out of control into an 2014 International Re-Watch Beauty and the Beast-fest, so, y’know, if you’ve been meaning to do that, we’ll be doing that next year. An […]

I had a rather good dream that had the bones of a MG/YA thing, in which there was a (difficult to access) window that led to another time period, and in which Amanda Palmer was the rather alarming Queen of Faerie. The sort you don’t mess with. I can’t, of course, remember any details, which […]

Media 1: I got my SiP omnibus edition the other day. It came with a signed print, which I didn’t expect, so that was nice. It’s a lovely omnibus. Its low price is explained by it being two softcovers in a slipcase (I’d vaguely assumed it’d be hardcovers). My copy happened to arrive with a […]

the essential kit

5:48am is too early. I’m just sayin’. The nice man who was coming to lay the carpet yesterday morning didn’t show up until 5pm. It only took him an hour to do the job, but it pretty well obliterated getting any unpacking done yesterday. We moved 3 bookshelves back into the dining room and put […]

the essential kit

Okay, that’s awesome. I just got an email from a friend–the father of the boy that Billy Holliday’s son Robert is named for, in fact–who said he was hanging out with his son’s class on a beach day, and he (the father) was reading the Dresden Files. A girl asked what it was about, and […]