Apparently the manner in which Zilli is leaned up against me causes him, from the angle at which Ted is sitting, to appear to be a thalidomide kitty. Ted would not let me take a picture of the thalidomide kitty and post it. He said that was tasteless. :) I wrote a short story last […]

Lucy’s much perkier today, and is scent-glanding things and popping her claws on the cat tree, and consequently I’m much happier. Zilli is *extremely* sullen over Lucy getting gooshyfood and him not. Actually, he’s sullen in general. He thinks we’re paying too much attention to Lucy. I told him we’d paid lots of attention to […]

Lucy was scheduled for a dental with no extractions, which meant they had to talk to me if they were going to do anything else. And the very nice man doing the cleaning did call me, and said that when the tartar was removed her roots were exposed on the upper teeth, and that he […]

Man. I’ve been working on this grant most of the day and I’m bloody well knackered. It’s…almost done. I gotta print out some letters, and finish my artist’s CV (which feels really difficult to do well), and…that might be it. Then I have to send it back to Dad for the budgetary stuff, I guess. […]

I am utterly, but pleasantly, knackered. The weekend, during which I didn’t post at *all*, which is very strange indeed, was very nice. Saturday we watched Doctor Who (Donna is fast becoming my favorite companion, even though I really did love Rose), caught up on Smallville (which, man. I know there’s a lot of popular […]