I was going to say “quick note, not wordcount-related”, but that’s not true, as I’ve now blown past the halfway mark in the book, so yay me. The 2/3rds mark feels Very Far Away right now, which is sort of depressing. (It’s not *that* far away, about 13.5K, but that feels like a lot just […]

Ok. I have done some work which I have been, for honestly no discernible reason, been putting off for about two weeks. I’d use my shoulder as an excuse for having not done it before now (it was color notes for the free comic book day issue of Chance), but really, I’ve typed as much […]

Because three blog posts in one day are not enough, I bring you two Take A Chance-related interviews, at and Book Spot Central. Trent says to read the BSC one first, I think, because some of what’s said in it is then tidily summarized in the Comicon one. I was going to post a […] delivered unto me an Email of Temptation this morning, and I was weak: they had the full Buffy collection on sale for pretty cheap. Not the cheapest I’ve ever seen it, but the cheapest I’ve ever seen it on this side of the pond, at least, and I succumbed. And then I had to […]

Back from Dublin, where we had an extremely nice ‘weekend’, ate *way* too much generally excellent food, saw friends, got books signed, signed some books, and spent too much money. Gaiman-related details under the cut, since that’s probably most of what people want to read about anyway. :)