Tonight is a work night and I have no idea what to work on. I’ve finished revisions on STONE’S THROE, so I don’t have to worry about that. The next major project up on my docket is my nephew’s book, so that would obviously be the smart thing to work on, but I’m in one […]

Ah! Fernando Granea, one of my Take A Chance artists, sent me this for my birthday! *happy dances*! :) I have got so much comic stuff I want to do. Should be doing. Need to do. In my copious free time. Ai. (Seriously. A Chance-world prequel. A concurrent-to-Chance story. ElectriCity. That girl-and-her-dragon idea from years […]

Turned out the Morganville Vampires books reached the end of a story arc with book 6, so I didn’t have to read 15 books this weekend. :) Whew! Seriously, though, the books are a lot of fun, and if you haven’t read them, I feel you ought to go right ahead and get books 1-6 […]

I had to stay off the internets yesterday because everybody was all OMG SHIELD SQUEEEEE SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER and I didn’t want to be spoiled. So we watched AoS last night and OMG SHIELD SQUEEEE SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Okay, not actually spoiler right now, maybe behind the cut, but seriously, that was the first really […]

Picoreview: Thor: The Dark World (spoiler-free): Thor thor thor thor Loki Thor Loki Thor Loki Thor Loki Thor thor thor thor loki Loki LOKI Loki loki thor thor thor Loki Loki Loki LOKI thor Stay through ALL THE CREDITS, people. ALL THE CREDITS. One does not simply walk out of a Marvel movie before the […]