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After last week’s post on genderflipped covers, my friend Flit dug up an article she remembered reading about a a bias study regarding female playwrights. The article is well worth reading, but for the TL;DR folk among us (sorry, I only just learned that TL;DR meant “too long; didn’t read”, so now I have to […]

So Maureen Johnson, YA author, threw down a gauntlet a couple of days ago regarding the way books are marketed and asked her jillions of Twitter readers to gender-flip some of their favorite book covers. To make a cover that might have been offered up if the book was by a person of the other […]

I’ve been given the all-clear to post the MOUNTAIN ECHOES cover! Holy crap, guys! Penultimate Walker Papers book! (And damn, I wish I’d thought of saying RAVEN CALLS was the antepenultimate book when it came out, ’cause I love that word. :))

My head is going to explode of squee. :) Revisit the world of the Negotiator Trilogy and learn how it all began… Four hundred years ago, the master vampire Eliseo Daisani and the dragonlord Janx fell in love with a human woman during the Year of Miracles–the year London burned. This is her story. Available […]

I should have been smart enough to answer these without having to be asked, but somehow I wasn’t. :) There will be 3 Old Races collections coming out in epub this summer. The first, OLD RACES: ORIGINS, will contain five of the Old Races Short Story Project stories, all set long before the Negotiator Trilogy: […]