daily life

I just upgraded WordPress, which I hit the button for and then thought “wow, this is probably not the best idea. I’m leaving for three days. What if it doesn’t work?” But it did. Whew. :) Ted and I are off for Dublin for three days! We are not (*gasp*) bringing the laptop, so unless […]

Mmm, if I had a spare hundred bucks I’d get me one of these: a velvet frock coat. Oh, except a 12 would probably fit me best and that’s what they’re out of, of course. A ten might be worth trying if I was slimmer, but I’m not. Ah well. My feet hurt. I walked […]

The alarm went off this morning at 7. Ted turned it off, an action I fully supported. A couple hours later, when we dragged ourselves to consciousness, he said, “It went off and I thought, “I’m too full to get up.”” *laughs* We may have eaten tooooo much red beans and rice and German chocolate […]

Well, I didn’t get any writing done, but I re-read TRUTHSEEKER, which needed to be done to go forward, so I guess it wasn’t a total wash. And I did the other things I needed to do today. And cleaned the living room. (Now Ted is cleaning the office and making me feel vaguely guilty […]

That was a hit-and-run cold-bordering-on-flu thing if I’ve ever had one. I’m still not entirely well, but the difference between Sunday and Monday in my wellness level is nearly indescribable, nevermind how much better I feel today. And apparently I *caught* it at Christmas, since one of the guests had the same symptoms that laid […]