I dreamed I was trying to deal with our book collections, and found not one, but *two* copies of author Robin McKinley’s (obviously, from 1. the well-read condition of the books, and 2. their (differing) covers) 1980s-era fantasy novel ONCE UPON A TIME, and the fourth, interstitial (it fit between books 1 & 2), book […]

I had dreams between 5:30 and 7:30 in which I could not tell if I was sleeping or awake, even though several times I recognized I had to be sleeping. The point at which I was doing a stage play with Christopher Lloyd (Doc in the Back to the Future movies) was not enough to […]

the essential kit

I dreamed that Paul Cornell, Oisin McGann, myself, and three other authors were part of a La Femme Nikita-style black ops team. “Oh, I’m worried,” said Ted when I told him this, but Oisin murdered and fridged one of the other team members for ordering an unauthorized steak dinner, so apparently we were not to […]

as reported in the war room: mizkit: i have spent the last 45 minutes dreaming i was trying to send you a tweet that i would be in the war room soon, only it being a dream i could not spell @msagara mizkit: but that’s okay, becuses in between trying to do that people noticed […]

XKCD is usually terrific anyway, but this one is particularly awesome. Depths of the world’s lakes, seas, oil wells…. Also the mouseover text on the embedded comic is unusually heartbreaking, though you sort of have to start by reading the first one I linked to so you can see what the mouseover is talking about. […]