Dad had an adventure on the train yesterday, and got to be a Hero as well as Rescued By Heroes. There was a drunk of about thirty years of age on board, and he sat next to a young woman who, it later proved, was a freshman in college. He was bothering her, so Dad […]

We’ve had a lovely day out. It is in fact a lovely day, which is unusual, and we went to the Longford parade, as did everyone else in the town. It was a *much* longer parade than I expected, and parts of it were pretty good. Yer man standing next to me said to his […]

Somehow the book has nearly caught up to my YTD wordcount again. That’s kind of weird. Anyway, I realized today I may have as few as 4 chapters left, which would be sort of awesome. No, actually, who am I kidding, it would be totally made of awesome. I could have as many as six […]

When I peel Christmas oranges I usually manage to get a half or a third of the skin off in one piece. I have, as long as I can remember, then tidily stacked the smaller bits within the larger curve, and then set about eating the orange. It has never struck me as an odd […]

Rejoining the world of the bloggers after a very pleasant and almost entirely off-line weekend. We had a lovely time with /Kate, and we all ate a truly tremendous amount of turkey, stuffing, and pie (they don’t have canned pumpkin here, so we ended up finding some fresh pumpkin puree, and Mom made the best […]