five things make a post

Thing One: Val is working hard on the GEMMA FADE pages, and gave me permission to post a teaser page. :) I tell you, sending a script out and getting drawings back is one of the niftiest things EVER. :) Thing Two: A link to some fudge. Just in case you need some. :) Thing […]

I had things to post about when I opened this window, I swear. Now I’ve forgotten them all. Well, anyway. Let’s see. There was an early showing of the second How To Train Your Dragon movie yesterday, and the first half of it was good. Ted says the second half was good too, but Young […]

Rogue hoodie. I will obviously be getting one of these. I’m tempted to also get the Captain Marvel one, but as someone on Twitter pointed out, what they really need to make is a reversible Rogue/Carol one. :) I gotta stop going into Chapters Bookstore. Every time I do, I come out with more research […]

the essential kit

I usually have to be on holiday to be away from the computer this much, yow. Incredibly busy fun weekend with Kate, then the past two days have been mostly at the new house cleaning carpets and things, omg. Mom and I are wrecked, but the house is looking much nicer. And this place was […]

the essential kit

I’ve just put a deposit down on new digs to rent. It’s closer to my parents’ than our current place, right next to a park and to the Botanic Gardens, and has a small back yard for Young Indiana to play in. It’s a little farther away from the main road where Ted catches his […]