I’m holding the Sockpocalypse. We have an unbelieveable number of unpaired socks. I’ve been collecting all that I can find for the purposes of washing and pairing them. Anything left without a mate at the end gets binned. I don’t need wire hangers anyway (althoug a bicycle would be nice). Yeterday it was (literally) freezing. […]

Some months ago we rearranged all the bedrooms so that our son wasn’t in one next to the road. What was his bedroom became the office, which has been…problematic…ever since. I have, to some degree, reclaimed it now. There’s almost enough room to set up my captain’s chair, anyway, and since I am once more […]

Last Friday I called a handyman recommended by the letting agency. He said he would be over on Monday at 11. At 1pm on Monday I called him and said ?. He said he clean forgot and he’d be by on Tuesday at lunch time. At 2:30pm on Tuesday I called and he said he’d […]

I thought I was being very impressive, trying to learn Scrivener and all. But now one of my publishers is asking that we begin using Word stylesheets for our manuscripts. Had I not started learning these a few months ago I would, frankly, be Freaking Out, because they do not seem intuitive to me. They’re […]

I do not understand how I can simultaneously want to GET RID OF CRAP and yet still have such attachment to much of said crap. Ted and I both gave up cleaning at the same time, having apparently reached some level of existential despair about the entire matter. We’ve made great progress, but we’ve gone […]