Oh all right, I fibbed. I said I’d only post about Kickstarter stuff on the 3rd Tuesdays of each month but it turns out I can’t resist, especially because not mentioning things except monthly makes me feel like I’m neglecting some stuff I’m enthusiastic about. :) First Up! Judith Tarr, aka /dancinghorse, is in the […]

Today I’m going to start NO DOMINION revisions, and also doing busywork stuff for the epub like putting the (FOUR PAGE!) acknowledgements list together. o.O If you are a NO DOMINION subscriber, and have not filled out the survey which asks for addresses, names, and other moderately important things, you should go check the Kickstarter […]

I just want to observe that the SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY Kickstarter has crossed the $15K threshold, which means it is now actively moving toward “Catie writes a pulp fiction novel!” Guys, it’s an insane bargain. If, in the goodness of your heart, you want to offer up twenty bucks, you get FIVE BOOKS and […]

So loads of you know that my friends, Evil Hat Productions (the good people who brought you the Dresden Files RPG) have also got an award-winning pulp fiction RPG called SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY. I mentioned their Kickstarter for their new fiction line a couple days ago. They’ve blown past the goals that will get […]

I believe I shall declare the 3rd Tuesday of any given month Kickstarter Tuesday, so I can mention all the cool projects I’ve seen lately all at once and not feel like I’m spamming everybody with an OMG LOOKY COOL NEW KICKSTARTER! every few days. So! Still in Progress: The incredible Judith Tarr’s young adult […]