Today I have made lemon curd, marshmallow creme, chocolate fudge, vanilla fudge, and coffee fudge (well, okay, I haven’t made that YET), roasted a chicken with carrots & baby potatoes, and I will shortly bake some biscuits. Displacement activity, anyone? :) The REDEEMER Kickstarter is just over 11K with 20 hours left. 387 backers, which […]

Between the beginning of September and the end of October I had three distinct colds. Since the beginning of November I have had a continuous cold, or colds in such rapid succession as to make no nevermind in the difference. So has Young Indiana. Ted had some kind of throat infection that got cleared up […]

The Redeemer Chronicles Kickstarter has clicked over to counting down the hours instead of the days! It’s going great guns, guys. It’s €220 from reaching the copy editor stage and only €2220 from reaching Lindsey Look cover art! It’s already blown away my hopes of 300 backers and is charging merrily on toward my revised […]

THREE HUNDRED! THREE HUNDRED BACKERS, GUYS! THAT WAS MY DREAM NUMBER! I’m going to have to upgrade my dreams! Oh my gosh, this is VERY exciting! VERY! EXCITING! 300 backers and the Redeemer Chronicles Kickstarter is nudging €9K now; another 600 will offset a useful-sized chunk of hiring a professional editor, which–it’s totally silly, but […]

I’m holding the Sockpocalypse. We have an unbelieveable number of unpaired socks. I’ve been collecting all that I can find for the purposes of washing and pairing them. Anything left without a mate at the end gets binned. I don’t need wire hangers anyway (althoug a bicycle would be nice). Yeterday it was (literally) freezing. […]