I’ve crossed about five things off my list of things to do this morning alone and I keep adding more. I know I should feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, but all I can see is a horrible mess everywhere. I mean, okay, the frigging books are probably a full third of our possessions, and […]

Okay, there’s no beer, but it was alliterative. I have now packed almost all of the downstairs books. There’s a handful of gaming books left over and the few things we’re keeping out another week or two before we move. There are 41 boxes of books. Now I’m out of boxes (again), but I have […]

We’ve been house hunting. I feel like I’ve been doing nothing at all work-wise (that’s because I’ve been doing nothing at all work-wise) and I feel like I don’t know what I HAVE been doing, although house hunting has been part of it. We went to look at a ridiculously cool place today. I mean, […]

I’m making such slow progress with organizing/packing/whatever that I feel like I’m not doing anything at all. Still. Again. Whatever. And again, it’s not true. Saturday a friend came over and watched Young Indiana for a few minutes while Ted and I ran out to get boxes-for-books from our local bookstore, who had very kindly […]

I’ve just spoken with the estate agent. The good news is that although the lease is up at the end of May, they do not expect us to be out of the house at the end of May. Indeed, it appears we could continue to live here indefinitely until the house sells, with people coming […]