I saw this over at League of Reluctant Adults and thought what a great way to procrastinate! I think I’ll do one too!: a summary of my TBR list. I’ve gotten mine down to around 40 books, so this isn’t an entirely impossible meme to play around with. (Mind you, I’ve done that by setting […]

I am utterly, but pleasantly, knackered. The weekend, during which I didn’t post at *all*, which is very strange indeed, was very nice. Saturday we watched Doctor Who (Donna is fast becoming my favorite companion, even though I really did love Rose), caught up on Smallville (which, man. I know there’s a lot of popular […]

I have a WHOLE BOX of books! THE QUEEN’S BASTARD has arrived…and wow, is a box full of this book *pretty*. All rich and lush looking. Unfortunately, I have no clever ideas on contests to run, and perhaps more relevantly, no money to send books out with, so I’m not going to be giving books […]

Ten years ago, in April 1998, Trip mentioned keeping a list of books he’d read, an idea inspired by (ultimately) by Chrisber’s 9th grade librarian. I thought it sounded like a good idea. The 10th is actually the official Start Date for my booklist, but I figure that 1. I’ll forget on the actual date, […]