reading v. writing: fight!

I had sort of sullenly decided I wasn’t going to write today, and that I was going to read a book instead. So I went and looked at the (close to 100) books on the TBR shelf.

And then went and wrote 1500 words on my own damned book, because I couldn’t commit to somebody else’s. It’s not you, baby, it’s me. I love you, but this relationship just isn’t going to work. I wanted to be with you, but I can see now that it’s a mistake. I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore.

On another note, what title would fit with these two:


ytd wordcount: 274,000

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    Are these all used for commercial items and I’m out of touch? Probably. :D

  2. How about Lighthunter? Generally, we seek the way, the truth, and the light–so that’s all that’s missing. (Yes, I see that light was suggested.) And hunting is another way of seeking or finding. Plus, it’s the most dramatic, so it should be last. :)

    Oh! Finished HoC, a few days ago. Was that a Bill Cosby reference, the “God was *angry* when he said that”…I thought that was hilarious. I’d love to see you fit “Go around idiot, go around,” into one of your books. I think it every time someone gets stuck behind me, but I can’t say it, because I’m usually at work when I think it, and most people wouldn’t get it.

    Book was awesome, by the way. Can’t wait for the next one. I really like Janx — temper tantrum aside, so I hope he’s in the next one a lot. :)

  3. *laughs*! Yes, it was, Crystal, and you’re the only one who’s commented on it so far. :) *laughs* I’ll see what I can do with “Go around, idiot, go around…!” sometime, but no promises. :)

    Y’know, idon’t think LIGHTHUNTER had been suggested yet. That’s a nice idea, continuing on the seeker/finder thing. Hm!

    Interestingly, Kari, a lot of people have gone with PATH* … but I’d have said “path” and “way” were too similar, more than “finder” and “binder” (although you’re right about that too).

    I had no idea I’d get so many thoughtful responses! Thank you all! *dances*!

  4. how about the opposite of light as the final of the three?

    Dark/Shadow hunter
    Dark/Shadow destroyer
    Dark/Shadow Crusher

    E :)

  5. I did a thesaurus search on find and it came up with these words….

    ascertain, descry, detect, determine, dig (up), discover, find out, get, hit (on or upon), hunt (down or up), learn, locate, run down, scare up, scout (up), track (down), espy, sight, spot; look for, search (for or out), seek

    Of those, you’ve used seek already, and only hunt(er) really seems to go with what you already have, and I see others have come up with it already.

    But I was thinking….what about Trailblazer? I mean, at some point Jo accepts who she is and becomes a leader right? Isn’t this series about her journey in that? If it’s the last book in the series, wouldn’t she be (or on the way to being) the leader/guide she is meant to be?

  6. oh! and if it’s not about Jo, (as I realized after posting that there is no reason to think that it would be) it should really apply to any trilogy as long as it’s just a trilogy.

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