Next year I’m going to start experimenting with Kindle Unlimited. I’ve been reluctant to do this, because some of my readers don’t use Kindle, but they’re about…15% of my monthly self-publishing sales. In theory, KU would make up for that loss of revenue by a *considerable* margin. Because, see, to be enrolled in KU, you […]

It’s coming up hard on the end of the year & naturally I’m freaking out about everything I haven’t gotten done, WHICH IS WHY I’VE BEEN KEEPING A LIST OF WHAT I *HAVE* GOTTEN DONE I wrote most of DEATH ON THE GREEN and all of DEATH OF AN IRISH MUMMY, the second two books […]

Cover for Roses in Amber

My wonderful readers! Could you Do A Thing for me? Could you look up your local bookstore(s) address(es) and email them to mizkitink AT I’m trying to collect a database so I can send out postcards for new books, and it struck me that the best way to find bookstores (Barnes & Noble and […]

Cover for Roses in Amber

guys GUYS GUYS!!!!! LOOK WHAT ARRIVED I STARTED WRITING THIS BOOK ON JANUARY 1, GUYS LOOK AT IT LOOK AT IT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is Official Launch Day. I don’t know if print editions will automagically show up on B&N/Amazon IMMEDIATELY or not or it’ll take some time to work through the system, but e-book editions […]

2016 in review is a work related round-up, because it’s been an absolutely awful year personally. The other day somebody sent around a “some good things must have happened at least on a personal level in 2016, please post them!” and I honestly couldn’t think of anything actively good enough to stand out. So, this […]