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The Old Races: Origins

Delve into the secret history of the Old Races and discover the stories that shape the world of the Negotiator Trilogy! AVAILABLE NOW!

The Old Races: Aftermath

Margrit Knight has debts to pay. Watch the Negotiator aftermath unfold in these five new stories of the Old Races!   Read more here!

No Dominion

After fighting at her side for over a year, Gary Muldoon must leave shaman Joanne Walker to face a battle only he can win… AVAILABLE NOW!

I don’t typically read reviews, but periodically my editors will send one directly to my mailbox and I read it out of a sense of obligation. Usually they’re nice, because generally my editors wouldn’t bother sending me bad ones. :) So a nice BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER review from Publisher’s Weekly landed in my mailbox, courtesy […]

After the Readercon mess (short version: somebody sexually harassed a woman, she complained, trusting that Readercon’s zero-tolerance policy would be implemented and the guy would be banned for life, it wasn’t, people rightfully got furiously upset, went viral with it, Readercon recognized their mistake, banned the guy, and I believe the entire Readercon board has […]