Yesterday my child, who had been a grumpy cuddlebutt for ages, climbed into my lap and suddenly went to sleep. And after a 90 minute nap, woke up, and went to bed at the usual time and slept for almost 12 solid hours, which never happens. Still ain’t well around here, sez I. Other than […]

Poor Ted tried to go to work this morning. “I can do this!” he thought as he took his shower. “I can do this!” he thought as he got in the car. “I can do this!” he thought as he drove past the exit to the doctor’s clinic. “I…can’t do this,” he thought when he […]

We have not been well, here at this house. We have in fact been sick as dogs. We may even have had the flu: there were certainly fevers and aches and headaches and general misery. I was impressed with how sick I was on Saturday, actually, and then poor Indiana and Ted were wiped out […]

Judging from the series of pathetic sounds I was making earlier, I have Man Flu. :) (I feel that if my husband moaning and moping around like I was doing means he’s got the Man Flu, it’s only fair that I should too.) Anyway, it’s sick in this house. Poor Ted is actually the only […]

So preschool started last week and inevitably Young Indiana got a cold by day 3 and I had a cold by day 5 and very excitingly Ted did not get a cold, he got a twisted appendix (he’s on antibiotics for it and they’ll decide in another week if they should take it out or […]