star trek

At the beginning of July all the Star Trek episodes became available on Netflix. I let out a squee heard ’round the world (it was, too, thanks to Twitter), because I’ve been wanting to watch it with Indy; I was a little younger than he was when I watched pretty well the entire original series […]

the essential kit

One of the people I ran into at the Star Trek party the other night was there with her sister. They were both in costume, and one of them, Susan, mentioned that RTE had interviewed them because RTE was all OOH YEAH SISTERS SO YOU’RE A FAMILY OF TREKKIES RIGHT and stuff. Next morning, another […]

the essential kit

Two things: first, the most awesome car commercial ever made: Second, and completely unrelated, a friend of mine is running a crowdfund project for a performance piece this summer that my sister and other persons of my acquaintance will be performing in. It’s in dire need of support, with seven days and 75% of the […]

I got up at 7:something, and by 8:20 I’d showered, cleaned the kitchen, fed the cats, and made a grocery list. By half eleven I’d made pancakes, gone shopping, and gotten started on the hellish site redesign that’s going to take days if not weeks of time. In between beating my head on the redesign […]