surrender the manuscript

I got up a couple minutes after 7 and wandered in to my office to start writing. Felt drowsy and considered going back to bed. Then the garbage men came and I had to run and put the garbage out, and then I thought, well, maybe I just need some fuel, so I had breakfast […]

Today was, by all appearances, an utter wash. I slept really poorly and was too tired to think, so after sitting at the computer for an hour and writing 67 words (two of which were “CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE”), I went back to bed for two hours. I finally dragged myself back to the computer, not at […]

I’m guest blogging today over at miladyinsanity! Unless this chapter does something totally unexpected, I’m not going to finish this book today. Knowing this makes working on it somewhat less fun. Unfortunately, if I don’t work on it, I won’t finish the damned thing tomorrow, either, and I have *got* to have it turned in […]

Yesterday, after spending three days slogging through genuinely not very good writing, I did something I’ve never done before while writing a book: I gave myself permission to skip the hard part. Mostly I don’t do that, because mostly if I skip a bit when I come back to that part I’ve forgotten that I […]

I woke up this morning with “Wheels On The Bus (Go Round and Round)” stuck in my head. I don’t even have any children on whom this can be blamed. This *cannot* be a good sign… Thinks to do this evening if I can hold my brain together enough to do them: – answer matrice […]