Poor Ted didn’t get off to a great start this morning. I got a text at 6:40am saying, “Are you up yet?” I said, “I am now,” and the next one said, “Sorry. Funny thing happened. I just locked myself out of the house.” So I got up and called him, obviously, not that I […]

Thank you all for birthday wishes! It was a very nice birthday. Ted got me a couple books and a DVD I wanted, and put them in a very silly bag that sings a birthday song. My sister called me from the fairy tale palace she’s studying at in France, and my dad made me […]

I decided last night that I was going to the gym this morning, but this morning I couldn’t find my gym pass, so I went for a walk instead. On the way back, I saw a little black kitten, maybe 4 months old or so, in one of the parks. Ted and I had seen […]

Ted and I went to see “Street Kings” today, which was not only a surprisingly good movie, but Keanu Reeves was surprisingly good *in* it. There were only a couple of “whoa” or “dude” kinds of moments, and one of them was very nearly on purpose, I think. I’d say that was hands down the […]