thinks to do

– buy better sugar – make fudge make MORE fudge if there’s time – shower – pincurl hair – pack M&M – pack RAVEN HEART – pack CHANCE – pack fudge – pack jam – pack dress – pack shoes – pack nylons – pack sturdy underwear :) – finish laundry – fold laundry – […]

I’ve been having a hard time gathering myself to blog. Part of it is that I’ve been very busy (I got everything on the last post’s to do list done and a great deal more), and part of it is that I’m very tired. It’s been a terribly emotional year and as I’ve said to […]

– mail voter registration stuff – go over AF galleys *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY* – shake down the crabapple tree (again tho) – process crabapples (again tho) – make crabapple jelly (again tho) – perhaps make crabapple jam (again tho) – but just you wait – make raspberry jam for octocon/etsy – make strawberry jam for octocon/etsy […]

there is too much to do today. this week. i’m out of steam, overwhelmed, and tired, although i feel the latter is hopefully mostly due to indy getting up more than an hour earlier than i hoped he would. still, it’s the kind of morning that makes me wish i drank coffee. #sigh thinks to […]

A friend introduced me to Bullet Journaling, which I looked at with shining admiring eyes and said “Yes, but digital,” and then I went to look for something that I could do that with digitally. I found Workflowy, which is a 100% ideal work-based Thinks To Do format for me. I’m going to use it […]