thinks to do

Boy, have a girl finish up 300+K words in early August and finish four years worth of intense writing schedule and she just feels all light and floaty and cheerful about the world! Imagine that! So, let’s see, what do I have to do now? – do my revisions on CAULDRON – spellcheck it – […]

Yesterday I took the day off (not so much because of the failed computer, because I write on a different computer, but because I needed it) and worked on my sunburn. It was practically the only opportunity there’s been this summer to work on it, so I did a nice job: That comparatively white stripe […]

This is my early morning “warm up the fingers before I start the real writing” blog entry, where “early morning” means about 9:30, which really isn’t very early at all. And it won’t be posted until sometime tonight when I go over to my parents’ house to use their internets. Not the point. *squinchy face* […]

I’m trying to figure out a schedule that doesn’t totally wipe me out at mid-day. I don’t seem to have enough stamina, right now, to get up and swim in the morning, then write. I fall asleep during the writing part, and then end up not getting my words done until 6 or 7pm, which […]

thinks i gotta work out the time to do while continuing to write a chapter a day: – revise “frwl” – get the “frwl” *contract* signed, it seems – write THE IMPERATOR’S HEIR proposal – email scott re: covers – work on bursary grant application – figure out which other grant to apply for swear […]