thinks to do

This is my early morning “warm up the fingers before I start the real writing” blog entry, where “early morning” means about 9:30, which really isn’t very early at all. And it won’t be posted until sometime tonight when I go over to my parents’ house to use their internets. Not the point. *squinchy face* […]

I’m trying to figure out a schedule that doesn’t totally wipe me out at mid-day. I don’t seem to have enough stamina, right now, to get up and swim in the morning, then write. I fall asleep during the writing part, and then end up not getting my words done until 6 or 7pm, which […]

thinks i gotta work out the time to do while continuing to write a chapter a day: – revise “frwl” – get the “frwl” *contract* signed, it seems – write THE IMPERATOR’S HEIR proposal – email scott re: covers – work on bursary grant application – figure out which other grant to apply for swear […]

Well. I went forth to buy some summer clothes today, and spent over two hours shopping, which is my personal idea of hell. Moreover, I didn’t like much and what I did like I couldn’t afford, with the exception of a linen dress which had a broken zipper on the one size that fit me. […]

YAY the Phoenix landed safely! …that was totally not what I was going to write about, but more or less the first thing I do in the mornings is check out the APotD, and YAY the Phoenix landed safely! *beams* Right. Where was I. Last night I was observing to Deborah that I was all […]