weekend report

So Octocon was great fun. I went into it tired (because i was an IDIOT and i got a new phone on THURSDAY and i couldn’t get it to update properly and i stayed up until TWO IN THE MORNING getting it working right, the day before a weekend-long convention started!) and had a panel […]

I had a little stress-induced breakdown this week (mentioned earlier under the cunning title “rage bot murder machine” or something like that) and consequently Ted sent me away for a weekend writing retreat this weekend. My primary goal going in was to get the REDEEMER manuscipt to 90,000 words (about 4/5ths done), and my secondary […]

I asked for a Mental Health Day as a birthday present from my parents, and yesterday got to take advantage of it. They collected Young Indiana at about 9am, leaving me to sit quietly and finish reading my book without interruption (!). Book finished, I toddled into town and met a friend for lunch, which […]

Busy weekend! Look, I know it was busy, why is it so hard to remember what I did? Well, among other things I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel with Mom and Dad, which was fun. I hardly ever get to do things like that with them. :) I actually spent most of the […]

I haven’t liked a “hit song within the context of a movieverse” so much since “Backdoor Lover” in Josie & the Pussycats. I thought the movie was at best moderately amusing, but the song, I find hysterical. Also it’s better than almost anything for clearing earworms, and I’d far rather be singing “Everything is awesome!” […]