young indiana

It was a great day when I realized I could make egg salad any time I wanted, but Easter is still a favourite holiday because it’s the Egg Salad Holiday. :) We had Easter yesterday, because I’ll be at EasterCon in London on Easter Actual. Young Indiana got up at 5:30 (well, 6:30 with the […]

Glasnevin Tower

Last Friday Young Indiana and I went out to the Botanic Gardens and got caught in a rain-and-hailstorm. It was great fun, actually, and involved a lot of running from one hiding place to another, playing keep-safe games and dancing. I had my camera, having intended to pursue my self-directed photography ‘classes’ some more, although […]

This morning as I was getting dressed, Young Indiana appeared in the doorway and said in his Confessional Voice (which is slightly tragic and solemn), “Mommy…I have something to tell you. I washed the blood off in the sink all by myself.” Then he proudly displayed his hands, which were red with dried blood, and […]

Poor Young Indiana has an ear infection, so I was snuggling with him last night he suddenly pressed up and proclaimed, “When magic begins!” Then he snuggled back down, saying, “A story about when magic begins afwwfl s fllfh sllghh,” and went back to sleep, leaving me lying there going, “NO, WAIT, STOP, I WANT […]

So far I have made one amazingly successful batch of vanilla ice cream, a frozen chocolate mousse, and a crystalized lump of strawberry blah. This is *not* my usual kind of treat-making record, and I’m perturbed by it. OTOH, I made these chocolate chip meringue cookies with leftover egg whites, and *they* turned out amazingly. […]