Ten years!

My authors’ copies of STONE’S THROE have arrived! As is now traditional, they are being displayed by a particularly handsome model.


The particularly handsome model then wished to take pictures of ME with the book. :)


And the end result of all of this is the Ten Year Shelf: the complete (full-length) works, 2005-2015: 24 books representing in the area of 2.5 million words!


Holy beans. :)

ytd wordcount: 46,100


  1. Go you!

    Looking forward to reading the next couple million words!

    Stay awesome!

  2. Man, I hope I am around for the next ten. Best collection out there and those are not even all of your works of art. Great job and continued success.

  3. I think maybe the tardis worked!!!!

    1. If the Tardis worked there’d be at least twice that many books on that shelf! :)

  4. Congratulations. Love the pictures.

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