Got TRUTHSEEKER turned in fairly early this afternoon, so I went out of the house and had a mad shopping spree wherein I bought:

1 cherry tree
2 planters
3 raspberry/tayberry/black currant bushes (each)
a large bag of compost, and
1 starter kit for knitting a sparkly silver scarf

That last bit is Mom’s fault. I love the sweaters she made me so much it has made me decide maybe I want to give knitting a try after all. If I like it, I’ll have a scarf! If I don’t…maybe Mom will make me a scarf. :) So tomorrow I will read a manuscript and swim and do the charity auction thing and plant some trees. That sounds like a nice day, doesn’t it? And maybe I’ll try knitting a bit, too.

…the cats will *love* that.

miles to Minas Tirith: 100.3 (only 478 to go!)

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