Trip and my cousin Kerry reminded me yesterday to call the Irish Consulate in San Francisco, which I didn’t do yesterday, but I did today, and I left a message for Lisa Whyte (however her last name is spelled) asking what the status of the citizenship paperwork was, since it’s been 3 months since I last talked to her and she’d said it would be “a few weeks’ then. And the answer was, nothing’s changed, but she called me back within five minutes, which surprised me enormously. That’s the first…

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If being thirsty is a sign that your body is beginning to be dehydrated, does that mean being hungry is a sign that your body is beginning to starve? Hm. That doesn’t seem like a good thought process to follow if I want to lose weight. Nevermind! Carry on! Nothing to see here! Move along! Speaking of which, man, am I thirsty.


Hah! Laura’s trebuchet!


My strawberry jam seems to have failed to set up properly. It’s more like … very thick strawberry syrup. Damn. This is the second time I’ve failed to make a successful batch of jam. I have blueberries upstairs which will be sacrificed to the third attempt. If it doesn’t work, I’m going to be quite upset. I’ve never failed to master the art of cooking something three times in a row. :P Actually, I usually succeed the first time out. How vexing.


Success! I have finished the things that the cable modem dying this afternoon prevented me from doing at work today, so I feel like a slightly useful thing. Yay! *AND* I believe my strawberry jam has set up! Hooray! *dancie dancie dance*! How *sleepy* I am. Soon there will be bed-going. But first I’m going to finish listening to Moulin Rouge. For the third time in a row. :)