swimming and such

I meant to do this on Saturday, but, well, no net. weight: 194 pounds swam: 1750 yards Today: swam: 2300 yards ate: a brownie immediately afterwards. doh.


I made a yin-yang! In Photoshop. Everybody keeps asking me, “Out of what?” Ok, so it’s not *very* exciting, but I was happy with it. I should go swimming now. Splish splash.

strawberry jam

Strawberry jam all over the cat! Now why would the kids do something like that? Well, the cable modem went down, and so I went upstairs and made strawberry jam, and, well, we’ll see if it turns out. The good news is that the 3 jars that were actually full sealed properly. The fourth one, which wasn’t quite full, didn’t, but that’s pretty much to be expected. Now, well, we wait 12 hours and see if it set up! *hopehopehope*! It’s SSSSNOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWING!

meeting cancelled

Well, my 9am meeting for which I purposefully got up early has been cancelled. However, this means I can bail from work before 4, since I got to work before 8, and this means I should have time to make a batch of jam before swimming, and I should ALSO have time to make a batch of jam AFTER swimming. There wil be ALL the jam!