Picoreview: Spinning Out

Picoreview: Spinning Out: ugh. Ted suggested the new Netflix Spinning Out, which looked like a reverse Cutting Edge, with a young woman skater coming back after an injury to join a playboy pairs skater. Readers, it is *not* like Cutting Edge. It’s a drama with no humor to alleviate the bitchy unhappy characters. I watched all the way through the first episode for the express purpose of trying to make Netflix not suggest I finish watching it. It didn’t work, which is too bad, because if I’d known it wouldn’t,…

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Picoreview: Frozen 2

Picoreview: Frozen 2: It met my expectations.

Picoreview: Terminator: Dark Fate

Picoreview: Terminator: Dark Fate: This is the sequel I’ve been waiting for since I was eighteen years old. Look. I’ve got a lot invested in Linda Hamilton, okay? She and Ron Perlman taught me to love both poetry and my name. She remains the single physical icon I would emulate if I…had a personal trainer and an unlimited budget and a massive feature film promoting me…;) I love her. I’ve thought for a long time that I love her more than her acting skills are worth, but actually, having watched…

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Picoreview: Hamlet

Last Monday evening I found out at the last minute that the Lighthouse Cinema was doing a showing of Benedict Cumberbatch’s 2014 #Hamlet & I decided I was going to make a terrible mistake, and go. I did not make a mistake. Ciaran Hinds is the best Claudius I’ve ever seen. Ophelia’s death is the best staging I’ve ever seen. Cumberbatch is excellent throughout, and gets to show off his considerable acting range, which almost nothing he does in film allows him to. Everyone was very good, although I thought…

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Picoreview: Avengers: Endgame

Picoreview: Avengers: Endgame: we went to an Infinity War/Endgame double feature, with Endgame starting at midnight and getting over at 3am. I would have walked directly in and watched it a second time in a row, starting at 3am, if I’d had the option. That’s all I’ll say.