tbr shelf: that’s one way to do it

One way to get through the TBR shelf is to bounce off what I’m trying to read. I’ve had a couple of thuds in a row, one mystery novel (which my mom couldn’t finish either) and an epic fantasy that I…probably could have made it through…if I’d really wanted to try…but it felt very over-written to me and I was just kind of tired of it before I got to page ten. Throw in a couple graphic novels and my little debacle with the MC Beaton books last month, and hey, that’s five or six books knocked off the TBR shelf in no time! @.@

Technically my friend Carol Berg’s book DUST & LIGHT is up next, but it’s book one of a duology and the second will probably be out around August, so I may skip that for now so I can read them back to back when book 2 is available. That brings me to MR Carey’s THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, so I think I’ll go right ahead and read that.

Although possibly I should now work in one of the non-fiction books, else I fear I’ll never actually read them. I’m still undecided on whether I have to read those alphabetically or not. There aren’t nearly as many of them. :) Thoughts? :)

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4 thoughts on “tbr shelf: that’s one way to do it

  1. Okay, I’m completely sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I’ll try to provide some feedback for it too, at some point, once I get done feeling a little starstruck, I swear.

    I’m in the middle of Mountain Echoes of your Walker Papers. To explain how I got into them, we’d have to go back about 7 years ago or so, and I don’t even remember how the first two came into my possession. Someone bought them for me? I thought they looked interesting? I don’t… remember? I know I couldn’t afford the next ones, as much as I wanted them, because money sucks and I was a teenager. I gobbled them up though, loving them, and then they sat for a while until I started pointedly reading more again (a four year college degree and full time job later, reading had fallen on the wayside) and decided to pick them up again. I’m so glad I did.

    I’m reading them via eBook format, though I don’t know if that makes a difference. Either way, I’m completely smitten, enamored, lots of other fancy words for in love with this series. The absolute best part is that I live in Sylva, NC; if you don’t know where that is, we’re a stone’s throw from the Qualla boundary. I worked at the casino on the res (as a lead security officer) up until about three weeks ago (too much internal bs). Reading about Joanne in my home territory is thrilling and makes me so happy, exacerbated by Morrison and Jo being one of my thrillingly favorite ships in a while.

    I really adore Jo’s character, though a few things here and there have made me a bit sad. (Jo, you really seem like you’re into ladies. I wouldn’t break you up from Morrison, but jesus, you’ve been winded by girls a few times now. Join us in bisexuality. Also, why so hung up other’s weight? Shame on you.) I have related heritage to her, more German than Irish, but they’re both there, and Cherokee right after. Not rez-raised, our blood percentages can’t be proven (a complicated situation involving my mom’s grandmother not actually being born on the rez and her being dead which means we can’t locate a birth certificate, the whole thing is kind of weird), but Jo is a pretty A+ lady.

    Also, I’m catching all your geeky references. Gobbling them up. You look like River Song in your photo here. Thought you’d like to know that. Or well, in the photo on the main page where you’re wearing a red hat.

    I’m getting really rambling and long already, so I’ll… drop it off here I guess, before I embarrass myself. Just know you’ve been absolutely fantastic. ;)

  2. Fuck, I just realized I forgot the whole “offering you suggestions on books” part. I own two of Malinda Lo’s books and they are INCREDIBLE. They stand well as fantasy novels, and as I hinted in my comment, I’m bisexual, so the fact that her character in Huntress is as well is really nice.

    In a more practical advice sense, maybe alternate non-fiction with fiction, if the fiction novels are stand-alones. Reward yourself for good behavior?

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