Teaser icons: Chance #2

Chance #2 hits the shelves in about 10 days. Behind the cut are teaser icons for the upcoming issue!

(eta: oh! in response to a comment: yes, of course these are for general use and snurching and all. Credit to as the maker is great, and if you’d like to mention they’re from the comic book “Take A Chance” that’s great too. Enjoy!)

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  • Blaquesaber

    I really love issue one of Take a Chance and am looking forward to more. Would you say that the writing style (comics are different from novels I’m sure) for Chance is “about” the same as your novels? I’m interested in the Negotiator series.

    Thanks for the icons.

  • mizkit

    I think my Walker Papers books are probably most like Chance in voice, but the Negotiator trilogy are also urban fantasy, so there’s…at least *some* similarity. Check out some of the first chapters at my professional site, maybe–http://cemurphy.net–and that might give you more feel for it!

    Glad you enjoyed the first issue of the comic! YAY! :)

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