web comic ruminations

I’ve done bluelines for a 4 panel comic that could be the web comic I’ve been mumbling about for what, a decade now? I sort of think I should do about fifty more before I even try finishing the first one because otherwise I imagine odds are good I’ll only ever do one.

(6 hours later)
I could…probably do an ‘inks’ version of one of these in a day, if I don’t get any more complicated than I have here. Even rudimentary colors & shading would probably take at least another day. I don’t think I could do a page a day web comic like #QuestionableContent.

I do think working on this has been cutting into my “dicking around on twitter” time rather than writing time, so a couple pages a week might be do-able. OTOH I haven’t done any writing for the past week (unrelatedly to drawing, i’m pretty sure), so I might be wrong.

IDK. I reckon whatever I do do, I’ll post to my Patreon as I do it and then maybe to the wider world later, when I’ve got a backlog. If it gets that far.


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  1. I am surprised by the number of “professional” Web comics that go into hiatus due to some unexpected Real World difficulty popping up. Do their creators have no backlog whatsoever? It seems that would (should?) be standard operating procedure.

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