Daily Life

You guys have got my back. I was kind of too busy with other stuff to really plug the #LastDays project yesterday, but we still got nearly 100 votes. Aiming for 1800 today! Go go go go go! Vote for the Last Days project! A couple of friends have gotten good news recently, none of […]

o noes! #LastDays has fallen off the trending projects page! quick, go vote! The Last Days project! Okay, now that that’s out of the way… :) Once that was out of the way it appears what I did next was more laundry, put towels away on the new bathroom storage, move books from one set […]

Actually it’s like fourdux but I don’t know the word for that if there is one (quadux?) and shortly it will be quindux because one of the things we needed was out of stock and won’t be back in until Thursday. This is the move that will never end, I swear to god. Anyway, we […]

at 10:30am i had eaten, bathed, played some x-box games, watched a bit of tv, moved 9 boxes of baby clothes downstairs, unburied the wardrobe in the front bedroom (but in doing so, buried the computer desk), emptied two boxes, and fallen on the stairs wrenching my shoulder and thumb badly in catching myself. the […]