There is a universe in which my photograph is smack alongside photos of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki in somebody’s flickr set. Bizarrely, it is *this* universe in which that has happened. Sadly, I wasn’t any closer than a photograph, but still, that’s pretty cool. :) I’ll post photos in a while here, but really, […]

It don’t hardly seem possible, but I’ve done everything on my get-ready list, and I am prepared to go to ComicCon. I’ve added a reading on Sunday at 12:30 in Room 24A, where the California Browncoats are generously inviting Whedon-friendly writers to come in and read a bit of their own work. That makes a […]

/Ted made an OMG good dinner last night. I allowed as how I was going to keep him for at least *two* more weeks (since I’ll be gone for a week, I better keep him for two so I can take advantage, you know). Really, I don’t know why I say that, because *I’m* not […]

Ok, my Comic Con schedule is starting to take shape. Currently it looks something like this: WEDNESDAY, JULY 22: Daytime is free, with a potential lunch with (of all things) a friend from Ireland :) Evening is Preview Night. Expect incoherency from the chick who’s flown over from Ireland. THURSDAY, JULY 23: Evening: Random House […]

This is my early morning “warm up the fingers before I start the real writing” blog entry, where “early morning” means about 9:30, which really isn’t very early at all. And it won’t be posted until sometime tonight when I go over to my parents’ house to use their internets. Not the point. *squinchy face* […]